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How to get free pregnancy & postpartum items through your insurance or HSA/FSA funds.

During my current pregnancy, I was able to get a manual breast pump, pregnancy support band, compression socks, and a postpartum recovery support garment FREE through my insurance.

How did I get those items for free?

I went to Aeroflow's website, typed in my insurance information. From there, a representative was able to verify my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield), send a prescription to my insurance company and/or my OBGYN's office (because verification processes are different for each item), and my items were then shipped directly to me.

How can you get free items?

Every insurance company is different as it relates to their process on how you can use your premium on pregnancy & post party items. Check with your insurance provider to see what your insurance plan will cover.

I was also able to get items off Amazon through my Health Savings Account (HSA) funds.

How did I get those items?

On Amazon, I searched for HSA approved items. I picked the items I wanted/needed and I was able to use my HSA card to pay for those items. If you're looking to get HSA approved, be careful to ensure all items are actually covered at check out due to Amazon putting sponsored items on certain pages & those items may not be covered under the HSA approved items.


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