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Vaginal steaming, also known as V-steaming or yoni steaming, is an alternative health treatment where a woman squats or sits over steaming water. 


If you'd like to complete a Yoni Steam; however, the other Yoni Steam Herb Blends don't fit your needs, you may want to utilize a Universal Yoni Steam Herb Blend. This Blend contains herbs to cleanse, disinfect, deoderize, while having blood tonic, kidney tonic, and aroma therapy herbs (motherwort/rose, lavendar/sage, nettles, mint/lemon peel, mint/lavendar,rose).

Universal Yoni Steam Herbs

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  • Once  Yoni Steam Herb blend is purchased, there will be no return on that herb blend. Please read each herb blend package carefully before purchasing to ensure that you are purchasing the correct herb blend.

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