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The Birth Partner - How you can support your partner in the birthing room.

As a doula, most birth partner's feel that we only support the birthing person on the day your baby is born. However, the birth partner is just as important as the doula on the birthing day so the doula can/may encourage the birth partner to be involved in the birthing experience. Yes, the doula can support the birthing person AND the birth partner.

1. The doula can teach the birth partner techniques on how to support their partner. Doulas aren't just coaches for the person in labor, doulas also help the birth partner feel more at ease and help them believe they know just how to support their partner.

2. The doula can also discuss the partners questions and/or concerns centered around the birthing experience. The doula will also provide reassurance to the birth partner.

3. Because not every birth partner wants to coach the birthing person through labor, the doula can assist the birth partner with figuring out their desired role and allowing the birth partner to stick to that particular role.

4. The doula checks in with the birth partner just as they would the birthing person.

5. The birthing person is said to have a better birthing experience if they have continuous support and since labor can be long and last hours, the doula can allow the birth partner to take a break (i.e. get food, take a nap, run an errand, etc.).

6. In the event that a birthing person loses her baby (abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth), the doula can assist the family with creating memories and provide additional support/resources.

7. The doula can provide helpful tips to the birth partner during the postpartum period as to how they can help the birthing person immediately after childbirth.

8. If a couple desires to become pregnant, the doula can speak with both the birthing person and the birth partner about things they could do to increase their fertility.


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